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"They Saved the Best for Last,
The 100th and Last Class."

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The Class of 1972 will celebrate it's 45th Reunion in 2017 and it will be another a great time.  
For those of you who missed the 40th, you missed a lot of great times and great memories! 
Don't miss the 45th Reunion to be held July 21-23 2017! 

Dave has not even thought about anything yet!
It will be the usual Far Out Groovy time like always!


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Special Announcement

The Band Orchestra Choir is looking for Alumni members to join a new Gathering. 

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 1971 & 1972 concert Symphonic & Concert Band & Orchestra are now available on CD  Click here


Did you know that AOL Instant Messenger can be used by anyone?

You don't need to use AOL to use AIM. Several classmates use AOL IM. 

Greatflabill  (i.e. me)

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